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The PetsPhD Team- 

Real Experience, Real People, Real Results!


PetsPhD Team Services

  • Product Development    
    • Packaging
    • Category positioning
    • Costing, retail pricing
  • Manufacturing Support
    • USA versus import
    • Direct ship versus distributors
  • Sales
    • How to reach buyers
    • Sales Techniques
  • Retail
    • Store layout
    • Product positioning
    • Retail and margin expectations
    • Promotional and support needs
  • Corporate Culture
    • Department integration, synergies and communications
  • Start Up Companies
    • Where to start
    • How big is the opportunity?
  • Investment Opportunities
    • Private equity, venture capital
    • Pet industry guidance, research

Real Experience, Real People, Real Results


Who is PetsPhD?

 We are a group of Experienced Pet Industry Veterans offering our advice and guidance.

About PetsPhD

No fooling! We each have at least 25 years in the all areas of the Pet Industry, that’s over 75 years of experience in the pet industry. Experience is the best teacher and we have plenty of it to help you 

What is our Goal?

Your success, growth and profit is our goal! We will provide you with our expertise that will help you build your business without making the tactical or strategic errors that are so costly to your business. We use the common sense (Well, maybe not so common) experience that we have learned over the years in the Pet Industry to make you more successful. Honestly we have the bruises and scars that show we know what works and what doesn’t, and we can do it all without breaking your bank accounts!  

Real Experience, Real People, Real Results


Some Consultants Brag

We deliver! While other consultants brag about their business skill levels in jargon that no one understands, we have done it. And we have done it in the Pet Industry, and only the Pet Industry. 

We are Pet Industry Specialists  

Our team has the experience and the know how.  We have worked together on many different projects for many years.  Every member of our team has strong specialties. No one specialty dominates success. It takes a well rounded effort to build a complete company: culture, sales growth and most of all, a strong bottom line.   

Success - Growth - Profit 

All departments in a company must be on the same page to build a success story.   If you have reached a point where you value outside input, involvement or just confirmation of what you are doing, we are your team to talk to. Mentoring companies and their employees to achieve your objective is our specialty.  

Real Experience, Real People, Real Results! 

Put our experience to work for you. Mentoring your Pet Industry Company and your  employees to achieve your objective is our specialty.  If you want Real People,  Real Experience and Real Results, we are THE team to talk to. Give us a call today to discuss your hopes, your dreams and your goals.  

PetsPhD References


from: Robert Dippold Director of Sales for Therabis

The members of PetsPhd have had a lot to do with the elevated position that the pet industry enjoys today. Collectively, they have founded and sold major pet product brands, built some of the largest pet retailer chains in North America, and have sold pet products in multiple channels.  PetsPhd knowledge of the pet market is unrivaled.  

I am grateful that these talented people with extremely successful careers have come together to form PetsPhd and help other companies to be successful in the pet industry. The PetsPhd team was able to evaluate our product offering, channel strategy and marketing plan and offer very relevant, actionable improvements in short order.  

Whether a company needs help with evaluating an opportunity, creating a staff training program, building a business plan or perhaps the addition of a talented board member, PetsPhd will bring tremendous value.

from: Brandon Berquist- Product Developer

If you don't know it, Greg and the Pets Phd team are seasoned pros and veterans of the pet industry, they are "The Real Deal" 

from: Kenneth Smith- National Act Mgr.- Phillips Pet Food & Supplies

I agree with Brandon, these guys are seasoned professionals with a great deal of knowledge.

from: Sameul Wright- Founder TugNBrush

Greg and his team members from (PetsPhd) are very professional and will take the time to evaluate your product or services and then give you honest answers to your business questions. This company is solid and has been fantastic with helping my business head in the right direction!

About Us


Greg Forquer and Brandi & Gracie

Greg Forquer and Brandi & Gracie

Greg Forquer and Brandi & Gracie

Former Senior Vice President  of Merchandising- Experience- Petsmart, Petco & Petsense for 30+ years. All aspects of retail operation: buying, merchandising, product development, marketing, budgeting, sales planning, financial modeling and I am a fantastic Analysis Guru!  My experience before the pet industry was in a major grocery chain. I learned my retail and merchandising skills in a fast paced industry that has little forgiveness for errors in decision making.  

I know that the team and I can help you understand how to bring your products to market, how best to sell and promote your brand, and, we will always tell you the truth!!  


Ray Hedlund and Smooch

Greg Forquer and Brandi & Gracie

Greg Forquer and Brandi & Gracie

As a former Pet Industry Business Owner and Sales Expert I have decades of hands on experience working with product manufacturers. From the basic ideas to product design, manufacturing, marketing planning, sales force creation, account acquisition and advertising support. My emphasis is on placing product with retailers. I have experienced firm sizes from Start-ups to Over one billion dollar industry leaders.     If your ready to accept some outside points of view, hear what has worked with other products, and want to work toward  profitable growth, I am your guy. I want to help those who are looking to: Launch new product, explore growth or to smooth out some existing bumps. " Never Stop Learning". 


Jeffrey McCabe

Greg Forquer and Brandi & Gracie

Jeffrey McCabe


Jeffrey McCabe, Associated Consultant

President, Exjamim, Inc.

With over 34 years of experience in the ever-changing pet industry I am ready to put that experience to work in assisting you to meet your pet industry goals.

With skills and expertise developed in employee, business owner and consultant roles, my career includes sales & marketing planning and management for consumer branded products, customer service and operations management, new business plan development and start up implementation for both national and international clients. Experience including analytics in such areas as pricing and operations efficiencies, international expansion, patent and trade mark work, mergers and acquisitions as well as training and teaching seminars on product knowledge and sales techniques offers you a wealth of knowledge to draw upon.

If you need assistance in finding a manufacturer for your product idea, need to have someone sell your product or develop a sales force for you, find an investor or a licensee for your patent the PetsPhd team and I can assist you. 

Dare to be Different – it’s the innovative and unique products and ideas that will thrive in todays’ pet industry.

Greg's References


Reference from Jim Dougherty- Founder of PetSmart & Petsense


Greg Forquer is the Best.  I have known Greg for over 30 years and what he has and continues to bring to the Pet industry cannot be summed up in a short paragraph.  His career includes a pet food buyer and Merchandising VP at PetSmart, at Petco and Senior Buyer, and SVP of Merchandising at Petsense.  He has been involved with two startup companies and instrumental in setting the tone and standards of buying and selling for both companies.  In his 30+ year Pet industry career he has been involved in establishing merchandising buying and category management standards that have allowed those that he worked for to be efficient and profitable.  Many on the selling side would say that Greg was demanding yet fair in their dealings with him.  It is a well-known fact that nothing gets passed his analytical testing. He was passionate about paying the “right price” that allowed his companies to be competitively priced, while allowing the manufacturers to make fair margins given the size of the account. Greg’s understanding of the industry and what it takes to be successful, is unsurpassed. Greg’s savvy Pet industry know-how makes him a great resource to any new or struggling company, which is critical in understanding the ever-changing Pet industry landscape.  Greg’s list of pet products to market via the retailers exceeds over 7,500 items.

Greg’s values and his passion for what he does has been un-mistakable throughout his career.   Jim Dougherty

Reference from Ahdee Abramson- President Pet Ventures

"I've worked with Greg for over 10 years and have always found him to be a man of good character and a great partner to work with.  He is detail oriented, thoughtful, fair, trustworthy and tough when necessary.  He is also loyal, direct, and funny and has a way of working with numbers.  He will be a valuable addition to any team."

Reference from Diana Chandler- National Accounts Manager Petmate

"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Greg for several years. His professionalism, analytical skills and knowledge of the pet industry set him apart from others in the business. He would be a fantastic consulting and marketing resource for anyone in the pet specialty business. I would highly recommend his services to those in need of some professional advice and industry insights."

Reference from Matthew Wurtzel- Corp VP Sales, W.F Young

"I have had the privilege of working with Greg on many different projects for almost 10 years.  His knowledge of the industry, professionalism, and ability to develop and grow a business are unparalleled.  Greg understands the value of strong relationships with his business partners.  As a result, he is one of the most well respected names in the Pet Industry.  I look forward to working with Greg in the future."

Reference from Mark Patterson- Vice President of Business Development Phillips Pet Food and Supplies

"I had the pleasure of working with Greg for 7 years while he played a pivotal role in the successful growth of Petsense.  He is a firm, yet fair professional that drives for results and excellence.  His many years in virtually all facets of the pet business including merchandising, purchasing, marketing, and logistics gives him a background  that can add tremendous value to any organization that partners with him.  Great business acumen and even a better person."

Ray's References


Reference from Chuck Mann- Co-owner Premier Pet Products

"Ray knows product development, product mix, program selling & category development - generally all things sales & marketing.  Ray understands the power of Branding.  Most companies mistakenly treat Marketing & Sales as two separate departments.  Ray knows the two are equal in importance & focus.  He will bring you pragmatic applicable advice."

Reference from Dion Longtin- VP Sales & Mkt Steeldog LLC

"Ray (Big Sexy) Hedlund - understands this is a fun industry and always keeps customers interests at the top of his list. i’ve worked with Ray in numerous capacities and always come out learning more than when i went in. A true professional and gentleman in a dog eat dog world this is a rare commodity."

Reference from Willie Wallace, CEO Radio Systems Corp. (Petsafe)

"A mind that is always clicking and a persona that is always on. In the years I have known Ray in the industry I’ve known him as someone everyone has looked up to. In working with him for the past seven years I have learned why. He has earned his respect with solid results and the manner in which he treats others. Ray is a fantastic mentor and is eager to share his knowledge with others."


Top Dog Award presented by CEO Willie Wallace. Bull is now an annual perpetual top salesperson award honoring me, presenter Tom Feiten. Large Ted presented by Tim Brightwell in recognition of Squeaky Toy TED. Life Time Achievement award presented by Greg Forquer and the Petsense Family.

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